Mind-bending Overwatch Skins bring Marvel’s WandaVision to a new reality

Brad Norton
WandaVision in Overwatch

With Marvel’s exceedingly popular WandaVision taking the internet by storm week after week, Overwatch players have put together a stunning concept that would bring the show’s leading characters to Blizzard’s shooter.

Following a lengthy break in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision now has viewers captivated once again. Each and every week, the narrative is capturing everyone’s attention as only Marvel productions can.

With a few episodes left to go in the first season, there’s no telling how things will close out. However, the Overwatch community has one thing in mind for the latest story. What if Wanda and her reanimated partner made their way into the world of Blizzard’s hero shooter?

We’ve seen all kinds of major gaming crossovers with Marvel in recent years. Fortnite even made an appearance in the highest-grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame. Here’s how WandaVision could look if transported into Overwatch.

Focusing on the two key characters of the first-ever MCU series, Reddit user ‘Devygone’ applied their striking designs to two Overwatch heroes.

Wanda appears as the perfect Skin for Moira, while Vision’s unique looks have taken over the body of Sigma. Both match the costumes of their live-action inspirations, though the outlines of the Overwatch heroes can’t be mistaken.

Not only is the visual design impressive, but the chosen heroes make a great deal of sense too. Sigma floats just as Vision can. Meanwhile, Moira casts out devastating orbs of energy, just as Wanda can when the situation calls for it.

They’re the perfect in-game counterparts for the new tv show leads. Their appearance in Overwatch with a Marvel crossover could just be the ideal fit.

Overwatch WandaVision skins
Sigma and Moira are the perfect heroes for Vision and Wanda skins.

Overwatch has historically steered clear of crossovers for the most part. Outside of a LEGO Bastion skin, we’ve never seen a proper collaboration as Blizzard opts for original designs instead. 

The only mix we ever see is across other Blizzard titles. There’s no denying a Marvel-themed set of cosmetics could just be the most popular Skins to date.

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