Bastion hit with surprise Overwatch 2 nerf in Sept 21 hotfix patch

Michael Gwilliam
bastion in overwatch 2Blizzard

A surprise Overwatch 2 hotfix patch was added on September 21 taking aim at the meta dominant Omnic DPS hero Bastion.

Bastion has been tearing up the Overwatch ranked ladder and pro play for a few weeks now thanks to a series of buffs that upped his survivability and damage to kick off Season 6.

Despite the hero getting some nerfs in the mid-season update in an attempt to scale back some of his damage capabilities, he’s remained a meta staple going into the 2023 OWL playoffs.

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Now, in an unexpected hotfix, the devs have again taken aim at Bastion, this time adjusting one of the buffs he received to his Reconfigure self-healing that made him too powerful against dives.

Overwatch 2 nerfs Bastion as hero dominates meta

On September 21, Overwatch 2 had a small update that only made adjustments to Bastion. The patch notes state Bastion’s Reconfigure ability will no longer restore armor when transforming.

Previously, transforming into Configuration Assault would repair 50 armor, making Bastion a lot tankier and able to withstand more punishment.

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overwatch bastion moss trailer screenshot header imageBlizzard
Bastion has been nerfed in a surprise patch.

“Bastion’s self-healing during transformation was doubly effective with how the Ironclad passive stacked with armor damage reduction, making him too capable of surviving ambushes and dives,” the developers explained.

With Bastion now a lot more vulnerable during his transformation, this should create windows for teams to target him while also making players using the Omnic hero think twice before using the ability.

Unfortunately for Bastion mains, this could be the end of the hero’s meta dominance, but we’ll have to see how the devs approach the game’s balance going into Season 7.

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Season 7 of Overwatch 2 is slated to arrive with a Sombra rework and a revamp to Roadhog at the mid-way point, so the meta is bound to see a shake-up with new abilities added to the game.

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