Secret trick with McCree’s Overwatch Archives emote has players losing their minds

Brad Norton
McCree in Overwatch

Overwatch Archives is back for another run in 2021 and one new addition is leaving players stunned. It turns out, a new emote for McCree does more than just flex on the opposition. 

The Archives event is back for its fifth year as players are now able to jump into classic PVE activities once again. This time around though, there are a few key changes but one thing has remained the same: new cosmetic content has stolen the show.

From Mercy’s controversial skin to Genji’s brand new look, fans have had plenty to talk about. Though one secret addition has only just been uncovered. McCree’s new Quick Draw emote comes with a surprise feature that can actually impact the game.

While emotes have always been nothing more than a simple way to style on your opponents, this new animation ramps things up in a unique way.

If your revolver is empty, activating the Archives emote will actually reload for you. Instead of manually going through the normal reload animation, this gives you an entirely new option.

Whether you’re missing a single bullet or you’ve used all six, the emote starts you off with a fresh clip. So not only can you look cool after a team fight, but it surprisingly comes with a practical effect.

The emote may be a few seconds slower than a standard reload, but having the option is a first for McCree. In fact, it can even provide a tactical advantage in the right circumstance.

Rarely will you ever want a longer reload, but triggering this emote takes you out into a third-person perspective. In doing so, you can look around corners and see if enemies are getting close. All the while, you’re stocking up on ammunition and preparing for the next shootout.

McCree gameplay in Overwatch
McCree’s Peacekeeper can be reloaded in more than one way now.

Players have been captivated by the surprising feature, so expect to see it plenty throughout your next few games. 

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