Overwatch players blown away by hidden Reinhardt skin detail

Overwatch Reinhardt skinBlizzard Entertainment

A brand new Reinhardt skin in Overwatch is leaving players stunned thanks to a hidden detail that pays homage to a legendary StarCraft character.

With BlizzCon 2021 right around the corner, Overwatch players have access to a special treat to celebrate the occasion. Blizzard recently unveiled a bundle of goodies that spans across a number of their popular titles.

Taking center stage was a fresh Reinhardt skin inspired by Jim Raynor from the StarCraft franchise. The exact design of the iconic character has been brought into the world of Overwatch for the first time.

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The skin itself is a sight to behold for lifelong StarCraft fans. However, players have just noticed a special detail exclusive to the new cosmetic, making it that much sweeter.

Blizzard bundleBlizzard
A new celebratory bundle includes a StarCraft-themed Reinhardt skin.

While strolling around any given map as the Tank hero, the skin functions as normal. Reinhardt appears as Raynor in his towering suit of armor but beyond that, it’s just like every other skin in the game.

It’s when holding your shield up that something completely unique happens. The skin actually animates each time you interact with the enormous shield. Reinhardt’s visor opens and closes with each movement.

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When the shield is down and Rein’s weapon is in both hands, his visor is up and his face is visible. When blocking damage, Rein’s visor comes down to protect his face.

It’s a tiny detail that most wouldn’t notice in the middle of a team fight, though it makes the new skin that much more impressive overall. No other Reinhardt cosmetic drops into battle with this particular function.

If you’re a diehard StarCraft fan, you’ve likely already got your hands on the new Raynhardt skin. But if you were on the fence, this unique detail could just seal the deal.

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The Celebration Collection is now live in the Blizzard shop and it’s available until September 15. Be sure to check out our full rundown of the unique bundles on offer.

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