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“Risky” Sigma flank can turn the tide in any Overwatch game on King’s Row

Published: 15/Mar/2021 7:08 Updated: 15/Mar/2021 6:18

by Brad Norton


Sigma’s Ultimate can already turn any team fight in Overwatch, though this devastating flank on could just help win your next match on King’s Row.

When it comes to game-changing Ultimates in Overwatch, few others compare to the potential of Sigma. Gravitic Flux sends all targets into the sky for easy pickings. Anyone trapped in the ult is then slammed back into the ground, instantly removing half of their maximum health.

Catching the enemy team by surprise is everything when it comes to this ult. The more players you can trap, the more impactful it is on the team fight.


Whether you’re a veteran player or a newcomer, there’s always something to learn in Overwatch. While you might already know this particular flank for heroes like Pharah or D.Va, it turns out Sigma can use it to his advantage as well.

Overwatch King's Row gameplay
Players always need to be wary of this flanking route on King’s Row.

Devastating Sigma flank on King’s Row

If you’re all the way through to the third point on King’s Row, Sigma has a unique flank available on both Attack and Defense. Regardless of which side you’re on, the Tank hero can quickly drop underneath the map and ascend on the other side.

This section of the map is built with these specific gaps to allow for risky flanks. Characters that can fly are able to manipulate the design and catch enemies by surprise. Though fumbling underneath is always dire due to the lava below.


While Sigma can’t innately fly, his Ultimate does lift him off the ground.

Therefore, with the right timing, you can cruise underneath King’s Row, emerge behind the enemy team, and deal a ton of damage.

Sneaky Sigma on King’s Row (risky but fun) from Overwatch

Mastering the unique Sigma flank

Given how powerful this flank can be, players need to be wary of it whenever a Sigma is on the map. When executed properly it can outright flip a game on its head. To use the trick more effectively, there’s a few things you can try.

First up, activating the Ultimate early might leave you in a world of trouble. Sigma has up to five seconds to choose the area of impact. It’s crucial that you use every second to your advantage. Jumping below the map before triggering Gravitic Flux is one such way of doing that.


You can time your ascent perfectly, gaining a few extra seconds to look around and capture the most targets possible.

Another useful trick is to go the opposite direction with Sigma’s ult. Rather than falling under the map, it can be used to fly overhead. With the layout of King’s Row’s third point, this option provides added cover while you flank.

Enemies won’t know which way to look as they hear Sigma’s voice lines coming.

How to counter Sigma’s King’s Row flank

If you do find yourself on the opposite end of this devastating flank, you’re not completely doomed. While there’s obviously a good chance you lose the team fight, there are a few things you can try.


For starters, having a player look out for the flanking path is always key. No different from any other flank in the game, it should be in the back of your mind as you push through King’s Row. 

Keeping Supports in the backline and having them ready to defend could shut Sigma down instantly. One perfectly placed sleep dart from Ana and he’s off the map for good. One well-timed right-click from Zen, and your teammates could easily finish him off.

Other Overwatch heroes can do more to help in these defensive efforts too.

From Junkrat traps on the ground to Mei walls blocking off the exit completely, the moment you hear Sigma’s ult, you should be reacting with this flank in mind.