Flashy Overwatch combo lets D.Va and McCree wipe enemy teams

Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va’s Self-Destruct ultimate is easily one of the most devastating in Overwatch and for good reason, given its insane amount of AoE damage. Its primary weakness, however, comes in the form of shields. Luckily, with a little help from McCree, this problem can easily be avoided.

When it comes to launching D.Va’s ultimate, it’s normally best to send it toward the enemy team in a position where it will catch them off guard. While we all dream about getting those massive 4-6K frags resulting in a Play of the Game, sometimes just catching one or two enemies with it can snowball the rest of a fight your way.

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This is where a friendly McCree can come in handy, or if you’re playing McCree yourself, you can contribute greatly with just one simple trick.

McCree’s Flashbang may not have the longest stun in the game, but it can be enough to guarantee your D.Va gets value when an enemy Reinhardt is trying to block the ultimate.

McCree on King's RowBlizzard Entertainment
Flashbang can be a fantastic tool.

By aiming your Flashbang above the Rein’s shield, you can stun him for just long enough for him to drop it, resulting in his demise and anyone behind the barrier.

As shown by Overwatch streamer ‘Penpuin,’ right as her teammate’s D.Va bomb came in, she literally rolled into action to get close, fired off the Flashbang on the Reinhardt, and popped off as the explosion killed three.

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“Oh my God, it’s f**king massive, dude!” she exclaimed proudly.

While the Flashbang trick may be effective against Reinhardt, it won’t work on Orisa, as her barrier is deployable. In this case, there is another combo you can do as McCree to ensure shields won’t be a problem for D.Va.

McCree’s Fan The Hammer deals 50 damage per shot at point blank range. With six shots, it maxes out at 300 damage. By rolling or quickly activating and canceling Deadeye, McCree can automatically reload. By using Fan The Hammer once again, McCree can deal 600 damage in seconds, enough to destroy an Orisa barrier.

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With a bit of timing and coordination, McCree can break the barrier just as a D.Va bomb explodes, leading to the same result as with the Reinhardt.

Next time you have a D.Va and McCree on your team or you’re playing one of the two yourself, try this combo and reap the rewards.