Ridiculous Overwatch trick shot lets players kill enemies before the round even starts

Michael Gwilliam
Hanzo launches arrow on Dorado

Getting the first kill in an Overwatch fight can be instrumental in swinging the odds of winning in your favor, but what about securing a frag before the game even begins? A weird trick with Hanzo can let players do just that.

Dorado’s attacker spawn is one of the more interesting ones Overwatch has to offer. Being outside, players can stare up at the night sky and enjoy the scenery, but there is a strange advantage to not having a roof over your head.

Given how the layout of the map is and how projectiles behave, particularly Hanzo’s arrows, it’s actually possible to fire them and miraculously land shots if you’re good enough and catch your enemies by surprise.

As shown by Twitch streamer Tatroun_OW, the DPS player picked Hanzo and fired a Sonic Arrow in the air. Alone this trick is actually worth noting by itself, because Sonic Arrow can help your team discover the enemy’s positioning. However, it ended up being even better.

Instead of just landing and showing where the enemy was defending, the arrow struck and killed a Pharah player, surprising Tatroun_OW, his team and the enemy.

Within seconds, “WTFs” and numerous question marks flooded the match chat, with players on both sides confused at what they had witnessed.

After the match ended, the streamer checked out the replay viewer to see exactly how the kill happened. The arrow actually ended up landing in a very ideal spot – right by the stairs that defenders go up to get into a high ground position.

Even if it didn’t hit the Pharah, the arrow could very well have connected with another target. However, because the Pharah was fooling around at the time and damaging herself with rockets, she only had five HP and died the moment the arrow connected with her.

Next time you have a match on Dorado and are playing DPS, give this tactic a shot. Even if you don’t get a kill, just using Sonic Arrow from spawn can give you a bit of an edge, and you don’t even need to stay on Hanzo after that.

Of course, if you do get the frag, be sure to take advantage of it and crush the enemy team as they’ll be down a player to begin the game.

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