Production team create incredible working model of Overwatch hero Torbjörn’s turret

Joe O'Brien

The latest “Hero Story” from Blizzard follows the creation of an incredible working model of Torbjörn’s turret by KONGDOL E Production.

The “Hero Story” series shines a spotlight on exceptional members of the Overwatch community who might not otherwise be known to the broader fanbase.

Some episodes have highlighted people working on the game itself – such as Matilda Smedius, the voice of Brigitte – while others tell the stories of people bringing Overwatch to the real world, either by taking inspiration from the game’s message or literally fabricating game elements in the real world.

The latest instalment falls into the latter category, introducing the production team that built a life-sized, remote-control Torbjörn turret.

KONGDOL E Production’s Suhyun Lee explained that the team of four were inspired by the presence of talented engineers on the hero roster.

“During my Overwatch plays I really liked that it has many characters with engineering backgrounds. Torbjörn requires a lot of game-sense and skills to play well, but when you do, I think it is one of the heroes with potential to carry a match.

His turret design is actually very beautiful. Also it matched the robot image we have pictured ourselves. It was appropriate to build it considering our current working space and the resources we have. We were motivated to create a real-life model with the same function it has.”

The final product is incredibly accurate to its in-game counterpart, with the turret controlled by a remote and the guns firing out yellow spheres in place of bullets.

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