Creative Overwatch Symmetra Teleporter strategy can win team fights instantly

Michael Gwilliam
Symmetra uses Overwatch teleporter on kings row

Symmetra’s Overwatch rework has allowed for teams to attack objectives easier than ever before, but with players getting wise to Teleporter shenanigans, some new creative tricks are needed to get the most out of the ability.

If you’ve ever played Overwatch in the last couple years, chances are you’ve been victim to the sneaky Symmetra Teleporter play where teams teleport to the point extremely quickly and bypass any fighting in the choke.

Because of the strategy’s strength, a lot of players have begun defending farther or rush back to the objective the second they see a Teleporter on the enemy team. As such, some new tricks are needed to capitalize on the Teleporter… and Twitch streamer Emongg found a brilliant new method.

During a ranked game on Hanamura, Emongg alongside fellow streamers Flats and Jay3 devised a plan to completely bait the enemy main tank to secure an early man advantage and win out the first point in style.

“How about this, hear me out: go right side and TP us to the left side of our door,” Emongg suggested. “So, we go to the other side. Then we go through the choke main.”

The idea made Flats laugh, but Jay3 felt the concept was actually “big brained” and wanted to give it a shot.

“They’re going to think we’re TPing somewhere and then we just go through the choke main!” Emongg explained as the trio and their other teammates embarked on their quest out of spawn.

Despite losing Jay3 early thanks to a Widowmaker headshot (which once again got a hearty laugh out of Flats) and required a Mercy Resurrection, the Teleporter plan still went off without a hitch, appearing to confuse the enemy main tank.

After being pinned and flashbanged, the opposing Reinhardt fell victim to Emongg and his team, resulting in a 6v5. While Flats and Jay3 soon fell as well, the rest of the team cleaned up frags to win the point.

“The Rein had no f**king clue!” Flats roared after winning the objective. “Like we’re talking none!”

Unfortunately, that was all the big brain plays Emongg had up his sleeve for that match, but it goes to show that when you play Symmetra, being creative with your plays can pay dividends – especially when you have your team on board. Just don’t go trying this in ranked without first communicating it with the rest of your squad!