Powerful Echo Ana Duplicate strategy can instantly win Overwatch fights

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s newest hero, Echo, is finally back in Competitive rotation after being banned just a week after her release – and skilled players have already discovered a sneaky trick with her that can instantly win team fights.

Echo’s Duplicate is considered one of the most dynamic and impactful Ultimates in the game, letting players transform into an enemy hero for fifteen seconds.

Toronto Defiant DPS Lane ‘Surefour’ Roberts ended up discovering a surprise trick with Duplicate completely by accident during a ranked match on Temple of Anubis.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Duplicate is one of the best Ultimates in Overwatch.

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After repelling the enemy’s advances for the first minute, allowing the Canadian superstar to build up his Ultimate, Roberts noticed his adversaries had used a Symmetra Teleporter to gain access to the right side of the high ground.

“They TP’d right side,” he alerted his team before using Echo’s Flight ability to flank the attackers.

Once behind the enemies, he used Echo’s Duplicate to transform into Ana and use her Biotic Grenade in combination with Orisa’s Halt to connect with everyone on the opposing squad.

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“Oh my God, I accidentally did that and it worked!” Surefour exclaimed as his team picked up frags on the rest of the attackers.

Biotic Grenade can be one of the most powerful cooldown abilities in the game, considering its multiple functions. It not only heals allies for 100 HP, but also amplifies their healing received by 50% for four seconds. Additionally, it damages enemies for 60 HP and denies all their healing for the same duration.

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Normally it’s suicide for an Ana player to get behind the enemy to land a big Biotic Grenade, and shields often make connecting with it from the front difficult – but with Echo, it’s a piece of cake.

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What really makes the flank all the more powerful is that, even if Surefour died as Ana, he would just revert back to Echo’s normal form, so the transformation allows him to play as wild as he wants.

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The beautiful accident was good enough to earn Surefour Play of the Game honors, which impressed his team.

“Let’s go!” one cheered after seeing the play from the streamer’s perspective.

Next time you’re locking Echo and the enemy team has an Ana, try out this flank and see if you can reap the rewards.

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