Overwatch streamer Redshell shares one major Lucio tip vs every hero


Twitch streamer Redshell teamed up with Toronto Defiant Content Creator Nathan ‘KarQ’ Chan to show off his top tricks to dominate the Overwatch opposition as Lucio.

Like all of KarQ’s videos, the guide began with one general tip and in this case, it’s all about mastering Lucio’s mobility and directional spam to make yourself even harder to hit and increase your survivability.

“Just stick to A D movement and jump only when you want to go to a wall,” the Mexican streamer advised. “This will immediately improve your Lucio gameplay.”

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Mastering Lucio’s movement is key.

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For the one-on-ones, there’s a few notable tips worth highlighting such as the best way to combat D.Va. When she’s in her baby form, booping her upwards can prevent her from being able to re-mech and she’s not able to do so when she’s in the air.

With her above, she can easily be finished off before she lands and calls her mech down. Additionally, when she’s in the re-mech animation she’s very vulnerable to headshots.

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A neat trick when fighting Reinhardt is that when he swings at you, if you jump at the same time, you can propel yourself away from him and to safety.

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Versus Sigma, if your team gets caught in the Gravitic Flux, be sure to time your healing amp to keep your allies above fifty percent health to guarantee they stay alive.

One of the most advanced tips comes against Zarya’s Graviton Surge. While Sound Barrier is a good counter to the ultimate, you need to time it properly to make sure you save your team.

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“People tend to panic and ult instantly when they’re graved, but in reality, it’s a lot better to wait and be patient,” Redshell explained. “When you see the follow-up damage, maximize the extra HP.”

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Time Sound Barrier to get the most value against Dragon Strike.

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When it comes to fighting Echo, Redshell’s best advice is to wait for her to use Duplicate, boop her away and speed your team from her in order to deny the Ultimate’s value. Dueling her in the sky just isn’t worth it.

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Fighting Junkrat can be hit or miss, but keeping your distance should get you an easy win. It’s important to note that when he uses Riptire, booping it away may kill you, but save your team. Also, boop can destroy his mine, so you can completely mess up his getaway.

Against Mei, he says the best trick is to save your team caught in Blizzard by speed boosting them away from it. Additionally, an amped healing can save teammates being frozen by the ice queen.

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Boop is a major part of Lucio’s kit.

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Finally, in the Lucio mirror match, booping the enemy into a corner can make him much more vulnerable and allow you the space needed to land the follow-up shots to pick up the kill.

With all these tips at your disposal, you shouldn’t have any issue ranking up as the wall-riding support. Go earn that SR!

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