Overwatch streamer ruins setup after “angry” desk slam

Twitch/Warn/Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch streamer Warn’s April 26 Twitch broadcast had a few technical difficulties after he slammed his desk, and nearly destroyed his webcam.

The PS4 Ashe main was attacking on Temple of Anubis when his viewers goaded him into hitting his desk and doing his best “angry” impression.

“Warn, do angry,” the Canadian streamer read his chat before rolling his eyes at the prospect. Being a good entertainer, however, he decided to give his audience what they asked for and with a half-smile on his face, slamming his palm down onto his desk.

Warn is one of console Overwatch’s top Ashe players.

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Unfortunately for Warn, immediately after impact, his webcam froze, forever locking him in the slam animation – just like a Reinhardt propelled in the air while activating Earthshatter.

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However, unlike Rein, who either eventually hits the ground or dies, Warn didn’t suddenly unfreeze and his camera remained locked in place, aggravating the Overwatch player.

“Uh, uh, f**k,” the streamer swore under his breath. “F**k me, dude. F**k me. I can’t fix it chat. Goddamnit. Okay, enjoy the gameplay, guys.”

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While Warn did end up playing the remainder of the round while frozen, he did manage to get it fixed in time for his team to play defense.

“I’m not slamming the desk again,” he said, not wanting to go through that debacle for a second time. Sadly, even though he didn’t hit his desk, his camera still ended up freezing once more right after calling his Mercy teammate “braindead.”

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“Wait, what the f**k?!” he gasped. “It froze again? What the f**k, dude? Oh my God. My webcam keeps freezing, chat. I’m going to lose it.”

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Luckily, after that match, the streamer managed to fix his setup and seemed to have avoided any further hiccups.

Nonetheless, his entire Sunday night stream nearly ended up being one of the most costly of his career all because due to a pretend outburst.