Perfectly-timed Overwatch play shows how Baptiste can counter Doomfist


If you’re a Baptiste-main in Overwatch, it can often be deflating when running into an enemy Doomfist. However, one perfectly-timed ability is shockingly able to negate the Damage-based hero.

Supports are never favored when it comes to 1v1 matchups with Damage-based heroes in Overwatch. Staying in the backline and keeping your team alive is of the utmost importance. It’s here that flankers are often able to dive in and quickly wipe out healers though. 

If your team doesn’t peel fast enough, this often leads to a swift demise and an overall team-fight loss. However, Baptiste is shockingly able to shut down a dive from Doomfist with one remarkable trick.

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Baptiste’s Immortality Field prevents players from dying so long as they stand inside its radius.

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch ability is able to send most ‘squishy’ heroes flying. It deals roughly 50 damage on impact plus an additional 150 damage if the target then slams into a wall. This is easily capable of wiping out most Damage and Support characters in Overwatch.

Baptiste often falls victim to this ability, yet one perfectly-timed trick can block all incoming damage. While his Immortality Field negates lethal damage inside its small radius, Doomfist can still punch heroes outside of the safe zone. Redditor ‘raszota’ miraculously uncovered a secondary function for the ability, however.

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If deployed at the exact moment of Doomfist’s Rocket Punch, the Immortality Field ‘lamp’ will actually shut him down. Not only will all damage be blocked, but the enemy’s momentum will also be brought to a complete halt.

This surprising tactic will leave the flanking hero vulnerable, especially if Doomfist has already used his other movement abilities. 

Try deploying the ability just a split second before Doomfist releases his charged-up punch. It has to be perfectly timed but it could just work as a get out of jail free card when you’re next in a sticky situation.

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This often-lethal Rocket Punch can be nullified by a well-timed Immortality Field.

While Baptiste should try to stick with the team as much as possible, if you do wind up alone, remember this trick. You could try using your Exo Boots to jump over the punch, but it may take too long to charge the leap. 

Instead, keep your wits about you and try to react quickly with this Immortality Field trick. It could just swing a team-fight in your favor.