Overwatch cosplayer hits the beach as incredible female lifeguard McCree

Michael Gwilliam
Instagram/nowigetaholiday/Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch fan took one of McCree’s most popular skins and added her own touch in what is one of the most unique cosplays the game has had to offer.

McCree’s Lifeguard skin is already extremely popular, with the ripped cowboy now wearing a straw hat, swim trunks, a towel for a poncho, flair gun and flipflops in place of his standard skin attire and weapon.

Cosplayer ‘Nowigetaholiday’ decided to flip the beloved skin on its head with a gender-based twist – and the result is fantastic.

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Going full-on Baywatch, the cosplayer opted for a one-piece, red lifeguard swimsuit as a feminine alternative to McCree’s shirtless ensemble.

However, the rest of her cosplay is nearly identical to the skin it’s based on.

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Nowigetaholiday’s take included his sandals, flair gun, hat and towel. She even went out of her way to incorporate two key elements that really make the skin stand out.

First, the belt buckle that normally reads “BAMF” (bada** motherf**ker) has been replaced with “SAMF.” It’s a nice little touch, but keeps the cosplay authentic.

Next, and this is probably the impressive part of the outfit, the robotic arm. While McCree is one of the least cybernetic heroes in Overwatch, his left arm is completely robotic.

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It’s unclear if whoever designed McCree was a big fan of Star Wars and robotic arms, but the cosplay perfectly recreated the piece, completing the ensemble.

This isn’t the first special skin cosplay that Nowigetaholiday has done, either; she’s also cosplayed as Magician Symmetra, Pirate Ana and Los Muertos Sombra.

Fans looking to get their hands on the McCree Lifeguard skin themselves can do so as part of the Anniversary event, but if you miss out, you’ll be able to try your luck again once the Summer Games kicks off a few months later.