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Overwatch players want changes to Ultimate charge rate after buffs/nerfs

Published: 3/Jun/2020 22:20

by Michael Gwilliam


Whenever an Overwatch balance patch fine-tunes the damage and healing output of different heroes, one big issue arises: Ultimate charge rates. Now, players are speaking up and want Blizzard to change how it applies updates.

Ultimates in Overwatch are earned three ways: Doing damage to enemies, healing yourself or allies and passive ult generation.

When heroes are buffed by having their damage or healing output raised, they will be doing more damage overall, and therefore will be earning their Ultimates much faster.

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Very seldomly has Blizzard directly changed Ultimate generation rates, but even with major balance changes, they tend to stay the same.


Redditor ‘RoninMustDie’ took to the Competitive Overwatch section to voice his concerns with the game’s balance, demanding Blizzard “adjust required Ultimate Points after Buffs / Nerfs.”

Blizzard Entertainment
Ashe players have been reaping the rewards for her buffs.

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“Let’s take Ashe as an example: Ashe got a ton of Ult-Charge with a well-placed Dynamite,” he wrote, and noted that after the hero’s quality of life buffs, she now gets BOB almost after every team fight. “Ashe was balanced in case of her Ult prior all the buffs, but after the buffs it went over the roof.”

He also mentioned Moira and how she gets Coalescence “within a very short poke phase.”


“Now with the upcoming heal buff, it’s gonna be even faster!” he exclaimed.

Blizzard Entertainment
Moira’s healing was buffed in the June 2 patch.

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Other users chimed in as well, noting that Blizzard only really makes Ultimate changes when they become a major problem with the game.

That said, with the case for Moira, even though she had a damage nerf in the recent patch, her healing was buffed to compensate and as a result could lead to even more Ultimates coming online.

It’s unclear if or how the developers will address the problem, but if the past is any indication, it would seem like more people will need to voice their concerns before they will act.