New Overwatch 2 Ashe redesign secretly revealed and players are torn

Overwatch Ashe gameplayBlizzard

With the Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplay reveal trailer came a surprise early look at Ashe in action and players are already divided on how to feel about her new redesign.

After months of anticipation, Overwatch fans finally got their first official look at Sojourn thanks to a new gameplay trailer. 

From advanced movement abilities to a devastating ‘Overclock’ Ultimate, the reveal of her full kit was certainly the highlight. Though throughout the footage, we saw the new Damage hero going toe to toe with a few familiar faces.

Among them was none other than Ashe, who hasn’t yet been formally reintroduced for the sequel. To date, we know how 15 classic heroes look with their fresh Overwatch 2 redesigns. 

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Now, we can add Ashe to the list thanks to an appearance in the trailer, though her initial impression has certainly left fans divided.

Overwatch fans praise new Ashe design

Following in line with other hero overhauls in the sequel, Ashe drops into Overwatch 2 with a slight visual upgrade. Rather than a complete redesign, subtle changes have been made to revamp her appearance.

From a new haircut to a slightly different outfit, the touch-up was quickly praised by a majority of fans online.

Ashe in Overwatch 2Blizzard
Sojourn’s reveal trailer gave us our first look at Ashe’s redesign in Overwatch 2.

“Easily one of the best redesigns,” Reddit user ‘TheHeroOfHeroes’ claimed. “Looks different enough, shows that time has passed, keeps key parts of the original design, but above all, looks damn good.”

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Many others agreed with fans chiming in to offer their support. “This actually goes hard,” one player said. “Really happy my girl is one of the ones they nailed,” another added.

Though not everyone was over the moon with the slight changes for Ashe in the upcoming sequel.

Some players not sold on Ashe in Overwatch 2

Redesigns have been divisive from the very beginning, as Blizzard looks to “evolve” distinct looks that fans have grown accustomed to over the past six years.

“Another character they made look way worse,” ‘KhaoticKrabb’ responded on Reddit. “Trashe.”

While others joked that the new design “just looks like Ashe on her day off,” others were left even more perplexed by the overhaul.

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“One of these days someone is going to have to explain to me the difference between one of these “redesign” images and just a new skin,” another player said

Clearly, not everyone is convinced Ashe, along with other original heroes, all need redesigns in the first place. Perhaps that tune will change once fans finally go hands-on with the highly anticipated sequel in the upcoming Beta.