Overwatch Ashe skin concept is a stunning accidental Resident Evil Village crossover


In the wake of Overwatch’s in-game Ashe challenge fans have been designing several new skins for the Deadlock Rebel, but this goth skin is the perfect Resident Evil Village crossover.

If there’s one thing that Overwatch fans love, it’s dark and dangerous skin ideas. From this stunning steampunk style Mercy to this leather-clad Widowmaker, the allure of all things spooky is all too powerful.

So, what’s more perfect than a Resident Evil Village crossover? Capcom’s iconic franchise has taken 2021 by storm, with the main antagonist Lady Dimitrescu (best known as ‘big vampire lady’) becoming an overnight sensation.

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While totally unintentional, this stunning new Ashe concept bears the likeness of one of the terrifying title’s other villains, and we would love to see it make it into the game.

Overwatch Ashe's Deadlock Challenge skinBlizzard Entertainment
With Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge skin falling a little flat, one fan has created a creepy new outfit for the rebel.

Overwatch X Resident Evil Village Ashe skin

The brainchild of Overwatch skin artist extraordinaire, Eva ‘Evanyla’ Cringle, this ‘Goth Ashe’ skin bears an uncanny resemblance to Resident Evil’s metal-bender, Heisenberg.

Dressed in high-waisted black shorts with a wispy ebony shroud cascading like a midnight waterfall from her waist, Ashe has traded in her combat trousers for asymmetric thigh-high socks and some killer rockstar heels.

This rugged theme continues across her torso, with a cropped leather jacket framing a washed-out pink Deadlock Rebels t-shirt. It’s here, though, that we really start to see her inner Heisenberg peek through.

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Round sunglasses in a similar style to the Village’s resident ferromancer are perched on her nose, and her cowboy hat has been replaced by a wide-brimmed hat that perfectly mirrors Heisenberg’s. Everything is pulled together by her rose gold locks, which add a more feminine touch to the outfit.

Inspecting a coin, parallels can even be drawn to the lycan king’s obsession with metal, and her forearm length gloves look a lot like his welding ones. All in all, everything just screams Heisenberg.

While Evanyla writes “no, this is not inspired by Resident Evil Village,” clarifying that “at the time I made the sketch I didn’t know about RE8 at all,” she goes on to highlight that the idea was conceived all the way back in August of 2020.

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Either way, fans are obsessed with this skin. “That would be a day one purchase for me,” writes one, with another echoing “I would buy this in a heartbeat.”

Whether or not we’ll see Heisenashe make her way into Overwatch is a different story, but we can imagine a B.O.B kitted out with some of Heisenberg’s monstrous inventions. So, remind us not to annoy Ashe. We don’t want to end up in the Village, after all.