Overwatch Summer Games Symmetra skin is making a splash with fans

Overwatch Summer Games Symmetra mermaid skinBlizzard Entertainment

Symmetra mains everywhere have been pleading with Blizzard to release a new skin for the Indian architect, and Overwatch’s Summer Games Event has delivered just that. 

After over eight months of waiting, Blizzard have finally answered Symmetra main’s pleas and given the Vishkar queen an Overwatch Summer Games skin.

Alongside Mei and Ashe, Symmetra has been gifted a beautiful Legendary skin that transforms her into a lilac and aqua mermaid.

Sporting stunning silver hair and an aquatic-themed tiara that looks like it came straight out of Ariel’s closet, the skin is quite the triumph – and the community is loving it.

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Overwatch Summer Games Symmetra Legendary mermaid skinBlizzard Entertainment
Symmetra has finally got a new Legendary skin after a significant wait.

Fans love Overwatch’s new Summer Games Symmetra skin

As soon as the new skin was announced, Symmetra mains everywhere were jumping for joy. The Indian DPS’ last Legendary cosmetic dropped the 2018 Winter Wonderland event, meaning fans have waited almost three years for another high-tier skin.

On a Reddit thread dedicated to the 2021 Summer Games event, one fan has written “SYMMETRA GOT A SKIN,” and is reeling in the likes from excited Sym players.

Diving right into the summer-themed part, another fan exclaims “FINALLY. After more than two and a half years, Symmetra gets an Event Legendary skin and she looks GLORIOUS.”

Lamenting that they won’t be able to pull out the iconic sad Symmetra meme anymore, another fan notes “RIP the sad Symmetra meme,” but calls the skin “fantastic.”

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Additionally, the official Twitter trailer for the skin has received 21k likes, and is swarmed with happy DPS players dropping celebratory comments.

Tweeting out a clip from the current season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars with the caption “Sym mains after seeing this,” the video perfectly encapsulates how fierce fans of the Vishkar Architect must be feeling right now.

Even Overwatch YouTube sensation Stylosa jumped in and wrote “you keep tweeting Sym stuff and people are going to lose their minds.”

All in all, the devs delivered on their promise in style. We can’t wait to see Mermaid Symmetra take to the sunny shores of the Overwatch Summer Games on July 20, so make sure you’ve got some coins to saved up to snag this spectacular skin with!

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