”Illegal” Wrecking Ball rollout will catch Overwatch enemies off-guard

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Overwatch players have discovered a new technique that allows Hammond to fly out of spawn at full speed to meet enemies before they know what’s going on.

One of the best parts about Wrecking Ball is getting his mech up to speed and bowling over any member of the opposing team unlucky enough to be in your way.

Now, an Overwatch player on Reddit named Zunder_IT has explained how anyone can pull off this interesting technique.

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Hammond Wrecking Ball Overwatch chargeBlizzard Entertainment
Hammond is always ready to roll into the enemy team, especially with this technique.

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In the clip, Hammond uses his grapple to stick himself on the wall in front of the main door on Volskaya, which allows him to charge up and zoom out of spawn at top speed.

The trick is to roll Wrecking Ball in the opposite direction of his grapple, so if it’s directly behind you, all you do is roll forward, away from it.

In spawn rooms with a wall before the door like Volskaya, for example, he can use the technique to stick himself on the wall in front of the door and speed up to surprise any enemies that might be waiting.

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But the technique isn’t limited to spawn, it can be used wherever there’s a wall and a place for Wrecking Ball to grapple on to.

Of course, Hammond has to stay in ball form to get everything set up, which makes him fairly vulnerable before he’s at speed.

Zunder_IT posted another clip of the technique where they entertain the enemy team after the rest of their team leaves.

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This clip also shows that he doesn’t even have to be moving to damage and knock back enemies while rolling on the wall.

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In other Wrecking Ball news, Hammond also got a new Lunar New Year skin that turns everyone’s favorite Overwatch rodent gold.

So be sure to get your “Paper Cutting” skin before Lunar New Year ends to really flex on enemies when you knock them out of the way coming from spawn.

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