Overwatch vantage point gives Widowmaker devastating Nepal snipe spot

Widowmaker snipe on Nepal OverwatchBlizzard

Overwatch fans love finding the strangest ways to get around a map like Nepal to get Widowmaker a cheeky sniping spot, and this player might have found a really effective one.

Going into its fourth year of activity, the Overwatch community are still reinventing how to approach the team-shooter in order to one-up the competition.

Even though Blizzard’s regular patches tend to shakeup the game’s state as it is, players looking to make full use out of their heroes poke and prod through different maps to find which advantages they can find for themselves.

There are a ton of places on Nepal for Widowmakers to get a sneaky kill.

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Such was the case with Reddit user ‘Nisse_2005’ who took Widow to Nepal and might have found a useful sniping spot that could take people getting out their respawn by surprise.

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Just as they get out of their own spawn, Nisse looked toward the first level of the building to use Widow’s Grappling Hook.

It looks like it could take a couple of tries to land the hook, but once they finally got it, they were able to hoist themselves up to an obscure corner of the map.

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Perching themselves between the building and the mountain side, there wasn’t much of a line of sight to take advantage of – especially since the building they’re on takes away any kind of vision ahead of them.

But a small leap instantly gave the player a clear look straight into the respawn of the enemy team. While it’s a brief window, a skilled player can make use of timing and the new angle to stop a teams push onto the point if they’re able to get a pick on a high-value target.

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It’s these kind of sniping spots that won’t be ideal to hold all game long, but picking your moments, especially if the opposite team is regrouping, could net huge dividends thwarting an offense.

Nisse_2005 via Reddit
The apex of the jump gives Widowmaker a good look into the enemy spawn.

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Overwatch really shines when players get creative with heroes to take the opponent off-guard. We’ve seen Sigma players use unconventional ults to not only get back in the game, but take entire teams by surprise.

Widowmaker players are famous for how they move around the map to get their advantages, and this snipe spot can be a dangerous tactic to add in their arsenal.

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