These charming Renaissance Overwatch skins should be added into the game

Overwatch heroes posingBlizzard

Renaissance-era Overwatch designs could bring a new sense of elegance to Blizzard’s competitive hero shooter if they’re ever transformed into fully-realized in-game skins.

From Lunar New Year to Halloween, Blizzard loves to incorporate all sorts of annual celebrations in their limited-time Overwatch events. Boasting new skins each time around, fans are often debating what direction the designs could go down next.

Taking the initiative and creating something entirely new for the world of Overwatch, one avid player put their artistic skills on display as they created unique Renaissance-era designs that could look stunning in-game.

Reinhardt Overwatch Lunar New year skinBlizzard
The current Lunar New Year event is set to end on February 5.

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Focusing on almost all of the female heroes in the game today, ‘StormBeastArts’ put together a collection of extraordinary Renaissance-era concepts that seem perfect for some upcoming Legendary skins.

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From Zarya to Pharah, a wide array of characters have been transported back in time and given an appropriate costume for the period. As elegant as can be, these unblemished designs would be sure to stand out on the battlefield for their expensive materials and intricate accoutrements.

The level of detail throughout each design is remarkable as the black and white shading make every sequin and tassel pop unlike any other skins available in the game today. 

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A number of characters have kept certain aspects of their visual appearance with them through the ages. From Mercy’s halo, to Sombra’s edgy hairstyle, and even Pharah’s face tattoo, these defining features stay with their respective heroes.

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Amusingly, D.Va still wears her facepaint even during the Renaissance era as the hero is shown wearing a corset with an elegant headpiece draping down behind her. Perhaps her accompanying mech also got the same makeover. 

Simply just works of art for the time being, there’s no denying that a Renaissance-themed event could be a new way to shake up the repetitive cycle of festivities in Overwatch.

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While the artist has completed a total of 10 Renaissance-themed designs thus far, it would be fascinating to see the less humanoid characters draped in matching attire. 

One can’t help but wonder just how striking an elegant Roadhog and Junkrat would look alongside a dazzling Omnic duo in Bastion and Zenyatta for instance.

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