Ridiculous Overwatch flank gets Sigma back to the fight in style

Brad Norton
Sigma poses in Overwatch

Sigma’s Ultimate ability is nothing to be trifled with as not only can it wipe out the opposing team, but it can also be used as an extraordinary means of getting over pesky terrain.

Released in August 2019, Sigma is the latest Tank hero in the world of Overwatch and his presence has undeniably shaken up the state of the competitive experience. 

With a powerful shield and surprising damage output, Sigma is more than capable of flipping any team fight in his favor. Moreover, Gravitic Flux serves as one of the more unique Ultimate abilities in the game and while the damage alone is remarkable, it also boasts a movement feature that can serve some intriguing purposes. 

Sigma blocks McCree's damage in Overwatch
Sigma is able to absord incoming projectiles with his Kinetic Grasp ability.

Often used in conjunction with Orisa’s Halt ability in order to impact a larger group, Gravitic Flux can be called out ahead of time and countered very quickly thanks to the aid of Zenyatta’s Transcendence or even Baptiste’s Immortality Field for instance.

A lone, flanking Sigma would more often than not be foolish for activating their ultimate as they leave themselves a sitting duck, floating in the sky and easily targetable by the opposing team. Yet every now and then, one such devious play can result in a miraculous outcome. 

With their entire team already advancing on Point B of Hanamura, Reddit user ‘Eyel_e_ss’ had to think fast in order to get back in the fight and help their squad before it was too late.

Pushing out of the attacking spawn, they headed to the huge gap on the left-hand side of the map and triggered their Gravitic Flux to float on over. No enemy could have possibly predicted just where the Ultimate was eventually going to hit.

Upon activating the ability, they had a mere five seconds to close the distance and gain a proper line of sight on the enemy team. While countless Ultimates were flooding the objective, Sigma made it over right in the nick of time with barely a second to spare.

Lining up the area-of-effect ability at the last possible moment, they raised three opponents into the sky and slammed them back down with enough force to find the eliminations.

An extremely bold use of the Gravitic Flux, there are a million ways in which this play could have failed spectacularly. Yet everything aligned in the heat of the moment and evidently caught the competition by surprise.

Hanamura landscape shot
Hanamura has been playable since the launch of Overwatch yet players are still finding new ways to interact with the map.

Floating over the map can obviously come in handy throughout a number of situations, but if Hanamura comes up in the rotation anytime soon, expect to see flanking Sigma’s far more often due to this crazy strategy.

While Sigma is able to travel across the map with style, other characters have been having a tough time with their movement abilities lately.

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