Overwatch player racks up over 4K healing with viral Zenyatta play

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An Overwatch clip making the rounds on Reddit shows just how powerful Zenyatta’s ultimate can be when used at the perfect time.

Zen’s Transcendence heals 300 HP a second to allies within range, making it the most powerful healing ability per second in the game (as long as a pesky Ana grenade doesn’t ruin everything).

While it is undoubtedly powerful, it does take some practice to know when to use it, which might be why a Transcendence clip from Reddit user Devinzard has gotten over 2,000 upvotes.

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Zenyatta Transcendence OverwatchBlizzard Entertainment
Zenyatta’s Ultimate provides the most healing per second of any ability in the game.

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In the clip, Zenyatta and his team get hit with the old Zarya-Hanzo ultimate combo, which forces them to pop the ultimate.

Immediately, some massive heals start being thrown down, preventing everyone on the support hero’s team from dying to the ultimate, besides the poor Doomfist.

The magnificent Transcendence did little to help the defenders hold though, with Zen and a few other teammates getting knocked out shortly after.

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Devinzard claimed that they were able to put out just over 4.2k healing with this one ultimate, and their proof was their “Total Transcendence Healing” stat from the match.

The only problem with this is that the stat shows total healing from the ability throughout the match, so there’s no way to tell how much healing is done with each ult.

They didn’t get any help from the allied Ana grenade either since she uses it just after the character finishes with his ability.

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If Overwatch had more detailed in-game statistics available to players, the exact amount of healing done by Devinzard’s impressive play would be easier to find out, but there’s no doubt it was a great Transcendence.

Blizzard hasn’t updated how Overwatch displays in-game statistics since the game came out in 2016.

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Zenyatta, to almost no one’s surprise, wasn’t included in the recent PTR patch that updates multiple heroes including McCree, Orisa, Sigma and more.

He might not have gotten any updates, but it will be interesting to see how he and his ultimate work alongside the newly updated heroes going forward.

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