Overwatch trick lets any hero boost up to Route 66 vantage point

Blizzard overwatch route 66Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch maps feature tons of vantage points on different locations that only some heroes can access, but a slick boost on Route 66 lets anyone make game-changing plays.

The Overwatch community is constantly reinventing how conventional maps and comps are played, for example how to best use B.O.B. on Route 66 and how to catch people off-guard with Torb.

In almost four years of life, Overwatch players keep finding the smallest advantages within the game that opens up wildly new potentials for different heroes to make experimental plays that can turn a match on its head.

BlizzardDefending teams can set up a trap just beyond the doors.

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Adding to the long list of discoveries, Reddit user ‘Kestrel___’ showed a “new spot for all heroes using speed boost.” To clarify, it isn’t a revolutionary new angle, but it’s worth taking note since it seems like the trick lets any character make use of the spot.

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After the second point on Route 66, just to the left of the cave’s entrance, the more mobile heroes like Pharah and Lucio can easily get on top of the stacks near the pillar.

But with a few precise jumps and the help of Lucio’s amp speed boost, heroes like McCree, Bastion and even Orisa can make the trek to the sneaky spot.

BlizzardOverwatch players are accustomed to seeing a Pharah or Genji move out from the rafters, but using them as a decoy while leaving a McCree, for example, could result in big plays.

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Their clip shows McCree using nothing but his base stats to try to make it across the stacks. While they manage to get on the first platform, they miss the second by a fair distance.

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However, applying the amp gives McCree just enough juice to barely make it to the next stage, allowing him to hide in plain sight that could end in a devastating ult for the enemy team.

“I think if Ana, McCree, Bastion + Orisa, Torb, and Tracer got up there they could make huge plays like getting a 6 man Anti, a big High Noon, [also] Bastion + Orisa would be hard to contest up there,” they said.

Kestrel via RedditThis spot can easily lay waste to any team comp, especially if a team has their back turned to McCree’s ult.

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With the various platforms and vantage points already threatening the pushing team at that point, it could spell doom if the defending team leaves one player there while drawing the aggro away.

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In either case, this will definitely be a spot more Overwatch players will be experimenting with if popular strats get developed.