Crafty Torbjorn turret spot will catch Overwatch opponents off-guard

Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has shared a neat spot where Torbjorn can place his turret to punish over-aggressive attackers on Hanamura.

Torb’s turret, as experienced Overwatch players know, can be very annoying when placed in a hard to reach or unexpected spot.

After more than three years ,you wouldn’t think there would be any spots on Hanamura that Torbjorn player’s haven’t found for his turret – but that’s just what Reddit user “Owlero” did.

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The turret spot is actually located in plain sight, on the full dragon seal to the side of the open doorway leading to the first point.

Apparently, as Owlero discovered, there’s enough of an edge on the dragon for Torb’s turret to catch and set up to look over the courtyard.

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In its spot on the dragon, the turret has a line of sight to almost the entire area leading up to the first point, which means it can fire at any enemy who charges in without figuring out what’s waiting for them.

For Owlero’s example, this would be the enemy Bastion, who gets almost as far as the steps to the point before discovering he’s right in the line of fire.

This placement could also take advantage of those Reinhardt players who bind charge to the W key (you know who you are).

Blizzard EntertainmentCharge-happy Reinhardts should beware about charging in on Hanamura.

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The location definitely works, and the turret doesn’t clip through any walls on the spot, so it’s unlikely Blizzard will patch it out or take it away from Torb players.

What will be going away are the Winter Wonderland skins and cosmetics, so be sure to unlock everything you want from the limited-time event before it ends on January 2, 2020.