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Overwatch team demonstrate useful Wrecking Ball trick for disrupting enemy attacks

Published: 10/Jan/2019 16:17 Updated: 10/Jan/2019 16:25

by Joe O'Brien


Overwatch Contenders Pacific team Cyclone Coupling showed off a clever Wrecking Ball tactic during their quarter-final match against Talon Esports.

Cyclone Coupling were set up to defend on the high ground of the second point on Hanamura. Their set-up featured a Bastion behind an Orisa shield, capable of dealing immense damage but also likely to be dangerously exposed once the enemy pushed.


In order to make it a little harder for Talon to dive onto the Bastion, however, Lin ‘Ely’ HongZheng‘s Wrecking Ball was set up such that he could spin in circles on the spot, knocking the approaching enemies back.

This tactic was accomplished by having Wrecking Ball connect his Grappling Claw to the floor beneath the platform, allowing him to act as if swinging from the hook despite being on a flat surface.


Another Overwatch player, Beybarro, demonstrated how this is done, as well as showing off potential spots for the technique on a variety of maps.


Though the rope tying Wrecking Ball to his claw can pass through surfaces, the claw itself cannot, so Wrecking Ball must find an angle to fire it to the lower level before making his way up without disconnecting it.

In the case of the Hanamura spot that Cyclone Coupling utilized, this means firing it from the front balcony of the building before travelling through the corridor to the defense point.


While this tactic does require a little bit of set-up before the enemy arrive, it can be very disruptive to opponents attempting to assault a particular location, and is likely to catch many off-guard.