Overwatch streamer Emongg gets outplayed by a lamp post

Joe O'Brien

Overwatch streamer Jeff ‘Emongg’ Anderson had an unfortunate encounter with a lamp post while streaming ranked play.

Emongg was playing as Roadhog on the offensive side of Blizzard World’s first stage when his team came under fire from an enemy Bastion.

Though Bastion can be a formidable damage threat when left unattended to, in stationary Sentry mode he should be an easy target for the likes of Roadhog to hook and eliminate.

Emongg was clearly expecting an easy kill, stating with confidence before making his move “It’s time baby, you guys ready?” Unfortunately, he hadn’t accounted for the lamp post that Bastion was sat behind, which deflected the hook.

Undeterred, Emongg moved back in and unleashed his “Whole Hog” ultimate, but that too proved fruitless as the Bastion, still largely shielded by the lamp post, simply turned his attention to Emongg and eliminated him quickly.

Emongg – a Grand Master-ranked player – was quick to switch back to Zarya after that embarrassing moment, before attempting to explain his actions.

“Listen, I can explain, I can explain. What happened there is I didn’t heal somehow, and then I went in with like 100 HP, and then got shredded.”

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