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Reaper’s ultimate makes him practically unkillable thanks to Overwatch PTR buff

Published: 10/Jan/2019 11:13 Updated: 10/Jan/2019 12:20

by Joe O'Brien


After his recent buff on the Overwatch Public Test realm (PTR), it seems Reaper’s ultimate can make him practically impossible to kill.

The most recent update to the PTR included a buff to Reaper, which increased his life-steal from 30% to 50%.


The change means that Reaper should be significantly tougher to kill assuming he can continue to deal damage. This is especially true of his ultimate ability, Death Blossom, which is capable of outputting insane amounts of total damage if it catches multiple targets.

Seoul Dynasty main tank Baek ‘Fissure’ Chan-hyung took to the PTR to test out just how big a difference the change makes, and the results were quite incredible.


Fissure set up with six opponents and requested that all of them shoot him during the ultimate. He then issued a countdown, and unleashed the Death Blossom.

Despite six enemies attacking him, Fissure’s Reaper never dropped below half health, easily out-healing the incoming damage and eliminating all of the enemies in the process.


via Gfycat


There are, of course, still ways to counter Reaper’s ultimate. He remains a rather easy target during Death Blossom, and the ultimate can be cancelled by a number of stuns. Alternatively, Ana’s Biotic Grenade would prevent him from healing himself, allowing the opposing team to burst him down.

It certainly seems, however, that if the Reaper changes reach the live servers in their current form, teams will have to be much more careful about how they prepare for and respond to a potential Death Blossom.