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Overwatch Switch gameplay provides hint at next major patch

Published: 2/Oct/2019 18:20 Updated: 2/Oct/2019 18:34

by Bill Cooney


Footage of the new Nintendo Switch version of Overwatch has started to come out and it seems to show gameplay from the latest PTR patch.

The latest Overwatch patch hit the PTR on September 25, and contains nerfs for Sigma and Orisa, along with buffs for D.Va and more.

It’s definitely a large update, and it’s worth your time to go through the patch notes and see exactly what’s going to be changed.

As with all Overwatch updates, people have wondered exactly when the patch will go live, but new footage of the game on Switch could get us close to an answer.

Blizzard EntertainmentThe gameplay on the Switch seems to run fine and looks just like Overwatch should.

How does Overwatch on Switch relate to the patch?

In a preview video from GameSpot on YouTube, there is a point where Symmetra deploys her ultimate and it stays up for 12 seconds like on the PTR, instead of the 15 seconds that’s currently live on all other platforms.

That means, with Overwatch on Switch coming out on October 15, that it will be out after the update has already happened.

This is a critical piece of information, but still leaves us with the question of when the update will actually happen.

Timestamp at 2:47 for mobile users, credit to GameSpot on YouTube for the video:

So, when will the update happen?

This is the million dollar question, but if we look at several factors – including a potential start date for the Halloween Terror event, we can begin to narrow it down.

Start dates for Overwatch’s Halloween event usually fall in the second week of October, with all the previous launch dates for the event as follows:

  • 2016 – October 11
  • 2017 – October 10
  • 2018 – October 9

All of these dates are the second Tuesday in October (look it up if you don’t believe us) which means we’re likely looking at an October 8 start date for the 2019 event.

Blizzard EntertainmentOverwatch fans are hungry for the latest batch of Halloween skins.

Overwatch usually updates the game on Tuesdays as well (with a few exceptions) so there’s a very good chance we’ll see the latest PTR patch go live on Oct. 8 along with the Halloween Terror event.

Of course this all just an educated guess, and Blizzard could do something unexpected this year, but the second Tuesday of October is a good time frame for when the next event and the patch will go live.

Blizzard EntertainmentWe still haven’t seen any new Halloween skins, yet.

This means Switch users will start their Overwatch adventure on the platform with the latest patch and the first-ever loading screen for Nintendo players will be for Halloween Terror.

We still don’t have any idea about what the new Halloween skins could be, but thanks to some leaks we know Junkertown is likely to be the map that gets a Halloween reskin this year.


Incredible Overwatch custom game lets you drive a ‘Lamborghini’

Published: 22/Jan/2021 5:21 Updated: 22/Jan/2021 5:34

by Brad Norton


An Overwatch racing game might not be all too far off now as a stylish new Workshop mode places heroes behind the wheel, allowing you to drive through any given map.

Driving a car is now possible in Overwatch thanks to the power of the Workshop. Players have modded their own custom vehicle into existence, allowing you to take it for a spin and drift through the game.

It’s not a simple trick that lets your hero move faster than usual. It’s a proper vehicle design that you can take control of and drive around. 

In fact, it’s modeled after the Lamborghini Aventador SV, giving you some style and some speed as you cruise through the world of Overwatch.

Overwatch gameplay
Ever wanted to drive a Lambo? Now you can… in Overwatch.

“I’ve turned Overwatch into a Streetwatch,” GraczCourier’s Gaming revealed on January 21. While it might look a little different to what you had in mind, it functions better than perhaps any Workshop vehicle to date.

A collection of pipes and electricity effects bring the template of the car to life. Players have complete control over the direction of the Lambo, along with its speed as well.

You can drift around corners, activate nitrous, and even change the radio station while you’re in the driver’s seat. Not only that, but the custom mode appears to work across every map in the game.

This means you can boost through Hanamura, take in the sights of Blizzard World, or jet around London on King’s Row. Handling looks to be extremely precise as an accompanying video showcased just what’s possible with the Aventador in Overwatch.

While it’s a blast to drive around, there’s a unique challenge to it as well. How fast can you get through your favorite map? How long can you drift in one attempt? You and your teammates can put it all to the test.

The flashy Workshop mode is available for anyone to check out in-game now. Try it out for yourself with the following Workshop code: 4XQP4