Overwatch Summer Games D.Va skin idea transforms her into Roller Derby star

D.Va Pokemon trainerBlizzard

D.Va mains certainly have a lot of options available when it comes to choosing their favorite skins, but this new Roller Derby-inspired outfit could be your next favorite. 

D.Va is one of the most popular heroes in all of Overwatch – in fact, even Blizzard has shown this output of love with the number of amazing skins the video game-loving hero has. Whether you’re looking to arrest the bad guys or just wish to go for a more traditional look, there is a D.Va skin for pretty much every occasion. 

Overwatch’s Summer Games event has always been popular among fans, especially since it adds plenty of sports-themed cosmetics to the team-based shooter. Last year’s event saw D.Va ditch her mech suit and opt for a more casual beach look. However, one talented fan has come up with a new Summer Games concept that just oozes cool. 

Roller Derby D.Va skin concept

D.Va is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch.

When D.Va isn’t busy saving the world in her high-tech mech, the pro esports athlete likes to blow off steam by playing roller derby. Well, that’s what talented artist melody_rain has envisioned. After all, D.Va is certainly known for her speed and fast reactions on the battlefield, which makes her the perfect fit for this contact sport. 

D.Va can be seen sporting a white crop top and black shorts, which have been finished off with thigh-high socks. Her rollerskates share the same light pink coloring of her mech, while also featuring the iconic self-destruct logo and floppy rabbit ears. 

Safety obviously comes as a priority in this high-contact sport, so melody_rain has given D.Va some pink kneepads and blue padded gloves. If that wasn’t enough, a rollerskate charm has been carefully attached beneath D.Va’s Light Gun. 

Roller Derby D.Va is certainly a cool look for the hero and one that looks befitting of Overwatch’s most popular tank. D.Va will likely have plenty of new skins in Overwatch 2, so maybe Blizzard may add a Roller Derby skin in the future.