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Deadly D.Va bomb spot on Lijiang Tower is perfect for Overwatch team kills

Published: 22/Mar/2022 12:46

by Lauren Bergin


If there’s one thing D.Va mains love it’s a good old bomb spot, and one player has uncovered the perfect position on Overwatch’s Lijiang Tower Control Center.

While Korean tank and esports sensation, D.Va, may be one of Overwatch’s best tank characters, mastering the MEKA-riding heroine isn’t easy.

As new comics hint at the rest of her squad joining the fray in the highly anticipated Overwatch 2, all eyes are on how she’ll perform in an all new meta – especially given that she’s been so dominant for so long.

Until then, though, players are continuing to find sneaky spots to send out that infamous Self Destruct Ultimate from, with one fan uncovering the perfect position to score a team wipe from on China’s Lijiang Tower Control Center.


overwatch using her self destruct ultimate
Blizzard Entertainment
Some things never change, and D.Va casually getting a team wipe with her Ult is one of them.

Overwatch D.Va bomb spot on Lijiang Tower

Lijiang Tower is one of the game’s three round control maps, spanning across the beautiful Night Market, Gardens, and infamous Control Center. With the fighting largely confined to the circular plateau in the middle of the tower, a well-placed D.Va bomb can easily obliterate a whole team.

And that’s exactly what this sneaky spot can achieve. Approaching from the Red Side spawn, D.Va hugs tight to the glass on the left hand side of the corridor leading to the point. Turning to the large circular vent, she releases her MEKA in the perfect spot, meaning that it ricochets off of the structure right into the heart of the central arena.


Suspended just high enough to completely destroy anything in its way, this spot is absolutely perfect for scoring team wipes and helping your own squad to victory.

Lijiang Tower bomb spot/trick from Overwatch

“I accidentally did this one time, then I figured out how to recreate it in a practical way!” writes the trickster themselves, noting “for the side that doesn’t have the vent in the middle you can use the casted shadow of the window (sharp angle beside the letters) and aim your crosshair on that angle.”

It goes without saying that this trick is absolutely lethal if used at the perfect moment, and can completely change the tide of battle. So, next time you’re stuck pushing back and forth on Control center, keep this one in mind!