Overwatch streamer speechless after Bastion main’s bizarre disclaimer

Michael Gwilliam
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment

Retired Overwatch pro turned commentator and streamer Jacob ‘Jake’ Lyon was left completely stunned after a Bastion main began spurting a strange pre-game disclaimer to his teammates.

The streamer loaded into the game away from his computer but soon came rushing back when he heard the Bastion one-trick’s voice coming through his speakers, playing a disclaimer that he seemingly does at the start of every match.

“I have two-hundred-ninety hours with Bastion in total,” the player proudly proclaimed. “Bastion is a way of life for me.”

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Blizzard Entertainment
Bastion isn’t normally a hero many people main.

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In Overwatch “maining” or “one-tricking” is typically frowned upon because if that hero that is mained is being countered by an enemy, it can make the whole experience difficult for the entire team.

The omnic player then went on to vulgarly describe what he would do to his opponents, which prompted a chuckle from the former Overwatch pro.

“Bastion is a way of life for me,” he repeated. “I never change my character, f**k you. If at any point during the match you want me to change characters, I gladly suggest you go f**k yourself.”

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“I follow absolutely no type of team composition. You want to give orders, give them to each other. Don’t you dare bring that sh*t to me,” the DPS teammate warned.

The shenanigans didn’t stop in the spawn room either. As Jake’s team captured Point A and started pushing the payload, the Bastion one-trick started blasting some epic fight music in the background.

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“I can’t dude!” Jake laughed.

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Even more amusing was when the Bastion was killed by a charging Reinhardt, the player abruptly killed the music and played the Windows XP shutdown sound – fitting as he only plays a robot character.

While the game was super entertaining, Jake’s team only barely managed to squeak out a victory in a close 2-1 King’s Row match.

When asked about possibly duoing with the Bastion player, the streamer wasn’t interested.

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“Nah, bruh,” he swiftly said. “I didn’t avoid him. That’s what I’ll give you guys. I didn’t avoid him. There’s no way I’m f**king duoing with that guy. Those games are so freaking bad actually.”

Even though the match was difficult, it’s even harder to deny it didn’t make for quality content.

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