Insane Overwatch bug gives Torbjorn’s turret devastating damage boost

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If you feel like you’ve seen an increase in the number of Torbjorns in your Overwatch matches lately, you’re probably not that far off because a new bug allows his turret to receive a huge damage boost.

Overwatch players seem to have discovered a bug that boosts Torb’s turret while the hero himself is receiving the buffs – an effect that wasn’t happening, or at least wasn’t widely known, before the most recent patch.

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Normally, when Torbjorn receives a buff, it shouldn’t transfer over to his turret, which should stay dealing a steady 14 damage per second. Except, on the current live patch, this isn’t what’s happening.

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The bug makes Torbjorn into a dangerous opponent to go up against on the enemy team.

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A clip of the bug side by side with a clip of how the Turret normally operates was posted by Overwatch Workshop guru DarwinStreams.

For the test, Torb is unboosted in the left shot and damage boosted by Mercy, Ana’s ultimate and Orisa’s Supercharger on the right.

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The regular turret slowly ticks down the enemy Roadhog’s health bar like normal, but the damage boosted turret absolutely melts the opposing tank in less than half the time.

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“In this video, Mercy+Nano+Bongo gives you 33 dmg per shot instead of 14,” Darwin explained. “Took 4.2 seconds to kill a full hp Hog. Go damage boost your Torbs.”

“That might explain the unusually high number of Torbs I met yesterday,” one Reddit user by the name of ShibLife commented, but it isn’t only Torb and his turret that benefit from this bug.

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Players have already discovered that the glitch also seems to work with Ashe and B.O.B. – when Ashe is boosted while her Omnic butler is also out, he gets the buff as well.

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The bug also seems to affect damage boosting Ashe and B.O.B.

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While plenty of players seem aware of the bug, neither Torbjorn nor Ashe are listed on the Overwatch Forum’s “Known Issues” thread for the bug at the time of writing.

Darwin himself admitted it would probably take a few weeks for the issue to be patched out, so in the meantime, get out there and lock in Torbjorn or Ashe, or if you don’t feel like abusing the system, keep an eye out for those crafty Torbs who do.

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