Viral Overwatch play shows why you should never give up in a final fight

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An Overwatch ranked game turned into a bit of a rematch of the OWL Season 2 Grand Finals and showed exactly why you should never give up when it’s the final fight of a match.

With the score tied 2-2 on Volskaya Industries, it looked as if San Francisco Shock tank Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi and his team were about to cap point A on their second attack phase.

Super, who was playing Zarya, coordinated with his Genji player so that he would have a projected barrier when he used Dragon Blade. Not only this, but the Genji received a Nano Boost from his Ana teammate and ended up deflecting the enemy Zarya’s Graviton Surge back at her.

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Blizzard Entertainment
Rules of Nature goes with everything.

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“Oh nice! He deflected the Grav!” Super exclaimed. “Your brain is showing.”

As time ticked down in the round, it looked as if the attackers would be able to capture point A, wipe the enemy, and gain an extra thirty seconds to attack B, especially as the defenders fell like dominoes.

That said, Vancouver Titans DPS Hyojong ‘Haksal’ Kim decided one good Dragon Blade deserved another.

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Despite being as low as sixty-three HP, Haksal took matters into his own hands and started carving up the opposition like they were a Christmas ham.

“No way we lost this!” Super cried as Haksal killed five enemies by his lonesome.

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“We lost! We lost! We lost! How did we lose?!” Super’s Genji teammate, Nero, asked.

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Meanwhile, on Haksal’s stream, the Korean DPS was asking for a Nano from his Ana, but decided to just Blade without it. Good thing he did too, as he ended up securing a highlight reel-worthy play.

After slicing and dicing through, the 2019 Overwatch League Rookie of the Year screamed with delight, clearly pumped up by his epic play to save the point for his team.

It just goes to show that in Overwatch a fight is never truly over and comebacks are always possible. Just be careful not to blow all your ultimates when there’s still plenty of the match still to play.

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