Overwatch streamer flabbergasted after discovering how to draw on Dorado

Michael Gwilliam
Winston from Overwatch

[jwplayer 91I9RIGm]Overwatch streamer ProbablyZoro was left stunned and baffled after his thrilling payload match on Dorado ended in a draw, leaving him totally confused.

Escort maps in Overwatch can produce some of the best matches to watch and play. Both teams get a turn to attack and defend where they try to push the payload as far as possible, and if both teams complete their task, then they get to go again only with less time to work with.

In ProbablyZoro’s second defense, his team gave up the first two points, but managed to halt their opponents before they could fully enter the powerplant section.

This is key, because escort maps have sections where doors need to open to allow the payload through. During those moments, the cart’s progress stops completely. If both teams manage to defend right at that exact spot, draws are possible.

Payload on Dorado in Overwatch
Drawing on payload is difficult, but not impossible.

The Twitch streamer probably thought his match would end in a loss or victory as he respawned as Brigitte, but was in for a stunning surprise.

“It was a draw?!” he gasped as the match result screen popped up. “Wait what?”

“What the f**k?” one of his teammates blurted out.

Players on both teams seemed stunned by the result and spammed question marks in match chat following the bizarre turn of events.

Drawing in payload is extremely difficult and rare, but it normally only happens in games that are super close with both teams already completing the map. Because there’s no extra time given for reaching a checkpoint in overtime, one wrong move can completely end a run.

The only other way to draw in escort is if neither team manages to push the payload at the very start of the map. Sometimes, if a team has a player suspected of cheating, both teams will agree to let the match draw by not touching the payload. That said, it’s certainly not the same or as rare as drawing by accident.

But it’s certainly something to be aware of whenever you find yourself playing in ladder.

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