Hanzo player’s insane last-second Overwatch 2 clutch shows why every game is winnable

hanzo carrying in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 streamer is showing why every match is winnable with an incredible last-second clutch where he and his Ana teammate managed to win a 2v5.

Overwatch 2 is the most balanced it’s ever been according to devs, and despite some matchmaking woes, it seems like every hero is viable in the current meta – and Hanzo is no exception.

While there are certainly players who may want to give up on a match when all hope looks lost and the enemy’s lead appears insurmountable, it’s never over until it’s over.

A perfect example of this came during a stream where Hanzo player LarsOW was playing on Shambali Monastery and his team looked poised to lose before capturing the second objective. Enter: the carry.

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Hanzo player saves round with ridiculous Overwatch 2 carry

As LarsOW’s teammates were eliminated one-by-one and he respawned, the streamer made his way back to the fight, but began by sending in his Dragon Strike ultimate in an effort to help make some space.

Although the Dragon took out the enemy Kiriko, the opposing forces were great in numbers and deleted the rest of the attackers, leaving just Lars and his Ana alive.

With the overtime wick burning, a Nano Boost was applied onto Lars to make him more durable and increase his damage. The Twitch streamer went on to pick up a kill onto the enemy’s Hanzo and proceeded to save his Ana from an incoming Reaper.

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Safe in the back, the Ana was able to pump out healing onto her DPS as he danced on the payload, unleashed waves of Storm Arrows, and bought enough team for reinforcements to arrive.

The carry was certainly impressive and even resulted in Lars’ team securing the third objective, forcing additional rounds. Although the rest of the game didn’t go their way, eventually losing 5-4, the effort is a good example of why a forfeit button may not be the best idea to implement into OW2.

This is exactly why you should never give up on a game, even when it looks impossible.

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