Could we see Overwatch in Super Smash Bros? Top 5 potential crossover heroes

Bill Cooney
Blizzard Entertainment/Nintendo

Some Super Smash Bros. fans are convinced that an Overwatch hero will be coming to the Ultimate as a DLC character, and we have plenty of ideas of who would be perfect for Nintendo to pick.

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The latest Smash DLC character announced was Banjo Kazooie during Nintendo’s E3 2019 presentation and fans seemed plenty happy with the choice, even if Banjo isn’t a Nintendo character.

Shortly after Banjo was revealed, a rumor started on Reddit that Overwatch’s poster girl Tracer would be the next DLC character for Smash.

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TurningItIntoaSnakeThe alleged character model of Tracer in Smash Bros.
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Is Tracer really coming to Smash?

The short answer is no because the Reddit post was proven to be a joke, but that hasn’t stopped fans of both games from speculating about Overwatch heroes coming to Smash.

So to give Nintendo some ideas, as if they don’t have them already, here are five Overwatch heroes we wouldn’t mind seeing in Smash.

5. Doomfist

Blizzard EntertainmentDoomfist would be a great addition to Smash.

Doomfist seems tailor-made to be featured in a fighting game, and his Rocket Punch would translate perfectly to the sidescrolling gameplay of Smash.

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Of course Doomfist would operate similar to Captain Falcon and his Falcon Punch, but there’s enough of a difference that the Talon boss would be able to carve out his own niche.

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4. Roadhog

Blizzard EntertainmentRoadhogs hook would probably be pretty fun in Smash.

Like Doomfist, Roadhog would be great on Smash stages, especially his hook which would make for a great grab ability, similar to Samus’ Grapple Beam.

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If Roadhog did make the journey to Smash, they would probably need to take a look at his Take a Breather ability, because being able to recover damage might be a little too OP.

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3. Genji

Blizzard EntertainmentGenji would probably be pretty popular with Nintendo fans.

Apart from Tracer, Genji may be one of the most recognizable Overwatch heroes out there (he’s a cyborg ninja for crying out loud), so he would be a great choice to represent the game in Smash.

If Genji were a playable fighter, his shurikens and dash would definitely be featured and players might actually be able to finally get some eliminations with his Dragonblade.

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2. D.Va

Blizzard EntertainmentWho wouldn’t want D.Va in their game?

Who doesn’t love D.Va? Overwatch’s favorite K-Pop star is definitely a fan-favorite, and it wouldn’t take long for her to win over the hearts of the Smash faithful as well.

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Her Mech would definitely be a good fighter, but they would have to figure out some way to keep D.Va around after it gets destroyed.

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1. Tracer

Blizzard EntertainmentTracer is who comes to mind for a lot of people when they think of Overwatch.

Like we said before, Tracer is the obvious choice to represent Overwatch in Smash since she’s basically become Blizzard’s main mascot for the game at this point.

The best part about adding Tracer into Smash would be that all of her abilities should be able to transfer over pretty easily.

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She would be an interesting hero to try out in Smash, with Blink and Recall making her a difficult target to hit and her Pulse Bomb would definitely cause more than a few rage quits.

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