Overwatch skin turns McCree into a Talon double-agent

Bill Cooney

One Overwatch fan and artist has created an awesome original skin that turns McCree into a Talon agent.

McCree is one of the 21 original heroes in the game, and according to the lore we have available, he’s currently associated with Overwatch after having worked with their Blackwatch team in the past (See: Retribution).

So it’s safe to say that McCree isn’t a member of the shadowy international criminal cabal known as Talon, but that didn’t stop artist Dave Lopez from imagining what the outlaw would look like if he was.

Blizzard EntertainmentSigma, Overwatch’s newest hero, is a member/captive of Talon and has a skin.

McCree, but he’s a bad guy

Lopez gave McCree the classic white Talon armor that makes the gunslinger look a little like Han Solo did in Stormtrooper armor.

The detail on the skin is crazy, Talon McCree has laser spurs and instead of a poncho he’s got some crazy translucent material coming off of his armor.

Dave LopezEarly iterations of Talon McCree.

His white hat has a Talon insignia on it and McCree’s flashbang grenades look really good in black and white.

The outlaw’s classic cigar has even been replaced with a cigarette, arguably one of the most evil of nicotine delivery devices.

Dave LopezTherapist: Talon McCree isn’t real and can’t hurt you. Talon McCree:

Lopez even redesigned McCree’s gun, making it white to match his armor and adding on a sight similar to the one on Baptiste’s Talon skin.

Officially called the “Longhorn”, the new-and-improved hand cannon even features a tiny little bull at the bottom of the butt.

Dave LopezHolographic sights on a pistol? What is this, Apex Legends?

When will we get new Overwatch skins?

The next time we know for sure that new Overwatch skins will be coming is for the Halloween Terror event in October.

Artist Armando Gonzalez-Dorta decided not to wait for spooky season to begin and designed their very own Vampire Ashe Overwatch skin, that would be perfect to wear during Junkenstein’s Revenge.

Armando Gonzalez-DortaVampire Ashe v. Talon McCree, who would win?

Overwatch’s Summer Games event ended on August 5 but it’s clear fans and players are still as hungry as ever for new cosmetics.

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