Overwatch pro reveals sneaky strategy to help team recover from tilt

overwatch space pro help team recover from tiltOverwatch League / Blizzard Entertainment

Tilting in Overwatch is all too real in ranked play and even professional players are not exempt from its effects. Fortunately, one pro has shared a smooth, self-deprecating trick he used to help his team’s vibes fully recover.

Overwatch is a team game and sometimes you tilt because you’re disappointed with your own performance or that of your teammates. Whatever the reason, the mental game can go sideways real quick and it’s hard to win games with a cranky mindset.

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That was the case for Indy ‘Space’ Halpern’s LA Gladiators as they went down 1-2 against the San Francisco Shock in a pivotal Qualifiers match. The Glads needed to win to make it into the $225,000 Countdown Cup and they needed to regain mental composure to do so.

So the flex tank, sensing deteriorated moods, took it upon himself to fix things — and it worked perfectly. Dropping his ego and leaning into self-deprecation, Space’s mini pep talk is the perfect example of how to help your team regain composure. 

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How to help your Overwatch team recover from tilt

(For mobile users, segment begins at 8:32:38.)

As Space explained in the postgame interview, he noticed that his team was getting “really tilted and super sad” down 1-2. 

So he hit them with what some might consider a bizarre approach: “Look, whatever you did… can’t be worse than what I did.” 

The flex tank then proceeded to list off two pivotal mistakes he made during the two map losses (getting hooked at a choke point and whiffing a Graviton Surge). The response from his teammates? Immediate laughter and the return of positive energy.

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As Space explained, him owning up to his mistakes and practically scapegoating himself made it easy for the team to “regain.” And, considering they ended up winning the game 3-2, there’s a method to the ego-less madness.

While tilt is unavoidable in a team-dependent, competitive game — Space’s method for overcoming it is a wise one. 

Rather than putting blame elsewhere or even beating yourself up, sometimes owning your mistakes is the best way to help your team shrug off the bad vibes and regain momentum.

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