Overwatch players want Halo Infinite-style battle pass for OW2

overwatch 2 tracer and halo infinite master chief stand on monte carlo background with ow2 logoBlizzard Entertainment, 343 Industries

As Overwatch 2 leaks hint at a possible battle pass system, some players are hoping that a Halo Infinite-style system is the route Blizzard go down.

As the curtains are slowly but surely pulled back on Overwatch 2 ahead of the public PvP beta, fans have been dissecting every piece of footage they can get their hands on in order to prepare for the sequel.

With an official concept art images showcasing what looks to be an all new battle pass system, players have been quick to speculate about how this feature would work. With rival titles like Valorant and Apex Legends offering very different takes on the system, all eyes are on how Blizzard choose to approach it for the first time.

Some among the community have theorized that a Halo Infinite-style battle pass would be the way forward for Overwatch 2, and are crossing their fingers that their dreams become reality.

halo infinite season 1 battle pass343 Industries
Halo Infinite’s battle pass may be the inspiration for Overwatch 2’s.

Halo Infinite battle pass would be perfect for Overwatch 2

One of the most unique features of Halo Infinite’s battle pass is that they do not expire after the season is over. Instead, your battle passes carry over, allowing you to work through them at a pace that suits you, in turn avoiding burnout and that chaotic sprint to get the final items.

Opening the discussion up on Reddit, one fan writes “I am personally okay with battle pass if they take the Halo Infinite approach.

“Allow [the] battle pass to never expire if bought and swap between multiple of them at any given time to avoid FOMO and severe burnout problems. Allowing players to choose which one they want to progress without unhealthily feeling forced to play the game.”

They also urge Blizzard to add “earnable premium credits” to the battle pass, mirroring Valorant and many others. This would provide players with more opportunities to unlock cosmetics without sacrificing their hard earned cash.

As you can imagine, this has generated quite the back and forth in the comments. “I’d actually prefer some type of battle pass instead of lootboxes because at least the rewards are guaranteed,” writes one fan, slating Overwatch 1’s current reward system.

“I still feel like they need to be careful with battle passes,” contends another. “Right now, events are the only source of new cosmetics we have. If we add a seasonal battle pass, they could end up in a situation like Apex Legends where the quality of the cosmetics decreases over time.”

A final response notes “If they’re gonna charge for cosmetics I expect a new map and character each quarter.”

Halo Infinite’s battle pass isn’t without its flaws, as initially players slated its “horrendous” progression system and highly frustrating challenges. Whether or not Blizzard take 343 Industries’ system and run with it for Overwatch 2 remains to be seen; but be sure to keep an eye on the beta for some insight.