Overwatch players want old Archives enemy skins to save “travesty” Remix event

overwatch archives retribution mode talon sniper on top of roof in RialtoBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s all-new ‘Remix’ skins have largely failed to wow the game’s community, with many lamenting that a series of pre-existing Archives enemy skins will never be available for their favorite heroes.

Coming into 2022, Overwatch fans will no longer have the game’s classic event schedule to look forward to. Gone are the days of Summer Games, Halloween Terror, and many more: enter Remix, a series of limited time celebrations that see old skins return to the fray with a few changes.

Despite Volume One of the celebration reimagining skins like Witch Mercy and Cultist Zenyatta in pearly white, Blizzard’s shake up has failed to win over many within the game’s community, who have branded them as ‘lazy‘ following a somewhat disappointing Lunar New Year.

As we phase out of Archives season, players have been reminiscing about some awesome looking enemy skins that many wanted to see transformed into cosmetics for their favorite heroes and heroines.

overwatch anniversary remix evermore reaper skinBlizzard Entertainment
These all new white versions of some of Overwatch’s classic skins have failed to spark much excitement.

Overwatch players want Archives enemy skins

As any OG Overwatch player knows, Archives allowed you to relive some of the most iconic moments of Overwatch’s history, providing access to a series of different mini-missions with the own respective cutscenes and lore.

During the Retribution game mode players were tasked with disrupting Talon’s machinations, controlling the original Blackwatch special-ops team in order to do so. Our merry band of misfits are met by a series of different enemies, each of whom have their own specializations.

Split into Assassin, Enforcer, Heavy Assaulter, Sniper, and Trooper, the characters were designed with Tracer, Roadhog, Widowmaker, and Soldier 76 in mind. Given their unique armor and Talon-inspired gear, one player has posed the question: why has Blizzard never made skins from these designs?

While many suggest that Ana should get the sniper skin instead of her cold-blooded adversary, and Sombra the Assassin skin, it’s clear that fans would have loved for these enemy skins to become playable cosmetics.

“Not giving the characters those skins a travesty of the ages,” writes one fan, while another comments “they should at least remix spin off the designs here.”

Whether or not we’ll see these outfits ever make it into the game as new looks for our heroes coming into Overwatch 2 remains unseen, but either way it’s pretty clear they won’t be forgotten anytime soon.