Overwatch players explain how to fix problems with DPS Moira

Published: 3/Jun/2020 20:45

by Alan Bernal


There’s been a split consensus in the Overwatch community on Moira players using the healer as a DPS instead, and people have been suggesting their ways to fix the problem.

Moira is one of Overwatch’s most potent healers and can be a nuisance to deal with because of the Fade ability that lets her navigate chaotic firefights. But even more tempting is the ability to put out a consistent source of damage in such an efficient way.

This quickly turns into a problem if the Talon agent is using too much of her biotic energy to deal damage instead of replenishing the health bars of her allies.

According to Redditor ‘DarthGrievous,’ the nerf to Moira didn’t really address the root of her problem. They pointed to the hero’s easy mechanical skills that allow “the average player to have practically perfect accuracy with [Moira].”

They suggest that if the Blizzard devs want to actually fix the character, it doesn’t start with reducing her damage output.

Players are trying to find a balance between Moira’s damage and healing capabilites.

“If Blizzard wants to crack down on DPS Moiras, they should reduce her beam width and buff her damage,” DarthGrievous said. “Thus, good aimers can get more value out of her beam, but pepega players, aka most DPS Moiras, will deal EVEN less damage.”

The proposed changes aren’t with the intent to make her an aim-reliant hero. Instead, it would require a “slightly higher skill floor” for players to be effective with her.

Other people think that there needs to be more measures included in her kit that dissuade players from getting hyper-aggressive. The abilities let her chase isolated opponents with ease while having a pretty reliable escape option.

Moira DPS limits her heals since her resources are going to damage dealing purposes.

An alternate route to balancing Moira could be to give her scaling damage depending on how much she’s healed in the game.

“She should have to do healing to charge her damage,” user ‘FalmerEldritch’ explained. “Like have her do a flat 25 DPS if she hasn’t healed anyone in ten seconds, then charge up to a max of 50 DPS for a moment if she’s just spunked her whole healing capacity on heavily damaged tanks.”

While DPS Moira isn’t all that prevalent or broken, it could pose a problem for Overwatch teams if their healer is prioritizing being a damage dealer. The changes Blizzard has made to the hero might not be enough to deter the play-style, but the devs have plenty of inventive ways to try out if they want to look for a fix.


xQc reveals why he refuses to play Overwatch anymore

Published: 26/Jan/2021 7:33 Updated: 26/Jan/2021 10:40

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


xQc refuses to stream Overwatch as often as he used to, and now he’s revealed why: as it turns out, the main reason is because of his Twitch followers.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel used to stream Overwatch all the time. Tens of thousands of fans would tune in and watch him create highlights and lowlights on Winston, his trademark hero. 

He also produced hilarious moments and rage montages, some of which went on to become quality memes. But sadly, it seemed like something had deterred him from streaming the game that he once player professionally in the Overwatch League.

He started streaming it less recently, and now barely streams it at all.

Fans often wondered what happened and why he ultimately stopped. Many assumed he didn’t enjoy it more, and it turns out, they were half-right.

xqc not streaming overwatch
Robert Paul / Blizzard Entertainment
xQc’s Overwatch streams were a throw back to his days as a competitive player.

A fan popped the question live on stream and asked him why he doesn’t stream it anymore. xQc stopped to think about it for a moment as he scratched his chin. Then, he broke it down for them. 

“The problem that I have with the game is that it’s almost like… when I stream the game, the stream becomes like a market place for attention,” he said. “Every game… people come in on my team, and everybody just fishes for attention. On my team and the enemy team.”

“I can’t play even the game properly,” he added. “It’s just not fun. Like, I can’t play the actual game. It’s not competitive. Why bother playing a competitive game all-in when it’s just not competitive?”

It sounds like he doesn’t find the game fun anymore, which is what most people assumed. However, it’s not because he finds it boring and stale after all these years. Instead, it’s because of all the people looking for their moment of glory.

It’s something we’ve seen happen to big streamers time and time again, even to the point where other players will stream snipe them for a cheap thrill.

It’s all well and good for an easy laugh. But in the end, it’s driven xQc to the point of no more Overwatch, which a lot of his fans will miss.