Overwatch players rejoice after fan spotted in HBO’s The Rehearsal

Lawrence Scotti
nathan fielder the rehearsal

During an airing of HBO’s The Rehearsal, Overwatch fans noticed a fan featured in the episode who was rocking some OW gear.

The Rehearsal is not just one of HBO’s biggest shows of 2022, but one of the most unique and captivating comedies put out in years.

The show is created by Nathan Fielder and serves somewhat as a successor to his last show titled Nathan For You, which wrapped back in 2017 and aired on Comedy Central.

Now, in his new show, viewers spotted an Overwatch fan who appeared in one of the most recent episodes.

Overwatch 2 gameplay
Overwatch 2’s release is just around the corner.

The Rehearsal is a show centered around Nathan Fielder attempting to see how far people will go to reduce uncertainty in their everyday lives. Nathan’s painstaking and often times shocking dedication to helping individuals overcome big moments in their lives is a sight to behold, mostly via its hilarity but also his undying commitment to detail no matter the cost.

In episode four, the Canadian showrunner launched the “Fielder Method School of Acting” to “find and train actors for the specific techniques of the show,” which he labeled the Fielder Method.

While recruiting potential actors, one aspiring young man came dressed in an Overwatch hat. When Nathan then hired actors to play the student-actors in order to better understand the viewpoints of some of his students, he joined the crowd of fake students in disguise. The actor playing the Overwatch fan came dressed in a peace symbol hat instead of an Overwatch hat, something fans instantly took notice of on social media.

Overwatch writer Bonnie said, “I can’t stop laughing over the fact that there’s an Overwatch logo hat in the latest episode of The Rehearsal, and Nathan’s crew has to recreate it but I guess they all thought it was just a f*cked up peace symbol.”

Clearly, nobody on the set of the show was a big Overwatch fan as the hat was seemingly mistaken for a peace symbol.

Although Nathan is a massive stickler for details, he and his crew missed this one. He may have to go back and recreate the entire episode from scratch just to make sure the immersion of his students wasn’t stymied.