Overwatch players coming up with inventive ways to bait Tracers

Bill Cooney

Tracer can be one of the most annoying heroes to deal with in Overwatch, but now players are starting to get clever with how they take on the flank-happy DPS.

Tracer, thanks to her Blink and Recall abilities, can sneak around to flank enemy teams pretty easily and can just be difficult to take out in general when she’s being played by an experienced player.

Overwatch players who are sick of putting up with a Tracer in their backline every game have come up with some creative ways to ‘jebait’ Tracer and take her out.

Pictured: the last thing you want to see in your backline.

No more sneaking up on McCree

Reddit user ‘Xotaic‘ posted a video of their costly Tracer bait, which involves sacrificing McCree’s Deadeye to bring the Tracer out of hiding.

Just after Xotaic activates Deadeye, they turn around and cancel the ability before hitting Tracer with a Flashbang and deleting her.

Sacrificing your ultimate might seem like a high price to pay for some payback, but it’s a good last resort when that enemy Tracer has been bugging you all game.

Widowmaker is sick of Tracer too

Another Reddit user named ‘Jeyzor‘ posted a video of their own way to deal with annoying Tracers, this time as Widowmaker.

Widowmaker doesn’t have any stun abilities, so Jeyzor has to convince the Tracer they’re not paying attention by firing shots towards the enemy team, before taking up the perfect position to eliminate Tracer.

What’s the deal with Tracer?

Tracer is still one of the most annoying heroes in Overwatch to play against, even if her ultimate got nerfed from dealing 400 max damage to 300 in April of 2018.

McCree on the other hand, has a major buff on the PTR that increases the rate of his primary fire and turns him into an absolute DPS monster.

With Xotaic’s McCree strategy gaining popularity on Reddit and a major buff coming soon, Tracer players may want to think twice before sneaking up on McCree.

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