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Overwatch players discover why DPS & tanks have random “ghost” healing stats

Published: 22/Nov/2021 17:05

by Michael Gwilliam


If you’ve ever wondered why random heroes such as D.Va, Junkrat and Reinhardt somehow end up with healing stats at the end of the game, you’re not alone. Now, players have discovered exactly why that is.

It goes without saying that healing up your allies in Overwatch is crucial for success. Plus, who doesn’t like seeing a new career-high for healing once the match is done?

However, sometimes, the stats can be very confusing. Especially when for some weird reason heroes that don’t even having healing abilities get stats stating otherwise.

While some non-supports having healing abilities such as Roadhog and Soldier 76, it’s weird seeing Pharah, Zarya and others end up with healing done when the game is done. Thankfully, players have finally found out why.


Overwatch Zarya firing particle cannon
Blizzard Entertainment
It’s so weird seeing “healing done” as Zarya,

Overwatch’s mystery “ghost” healing stats solved

As shown by Overwatch Workshop user Lootto, it turns out that the issue all comes down to a glitch in the spawn room.

Using a Workshop code to keep track of healing, Lootto discovered that when a teammate is healed by the spawn room, it can trigger a heal event for the wrong player.

In the clip, an enemy Reinhardt hits a Torbjorn with his hammer. As the Torb runs back into the spawn room to heal, the Hanzo player nearby gets credited with some healing, and the stats back it up.

Considering how rare this event is in an actual game, with the players being positioned perfectly, it makes sense that this glitch is uncommon, but still one that most players have experienced at some point.


It’s unclear if Blizzard has any plans of fixing this, but at least now we know exactly what causes this weird stat to begin with. Hopefully, at the very least, it’s updated for Overwatch 2, whenever that may be.