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Overwatch players demand major changes to Paris map

Published: 9/May/2019 18:49 Updated: 9/May/2019 19:05

by Bill Cooney


The latest 2CP map in Overwatch: Paris, has quickly become one of player’s least favorite maps to come up in rotation and some think it could use some major improvements.

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Paris came out on February 19 after spending a few weeks on the PTR and after getting over the playable pianos, Overwatch players soon became frustrated with the map.

Players have complained on Reddit and the Overwatch Forums about the map and are now suggesting there are some changes Blizzard could make to open things up and make it less frustrating for players.

Stat BananaA lot of players have a problem with the first choke on Paris (gold).
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What’s the problem with Paris?

In a post to Reddit, user Nozdogg asked if anyone actually liked playing the map when it came up in Competitive.


“I’ve played it in comp now 20+ times and every single time I’ve had a miserable experience playing it,” Nozdogg wrote. “From getting full held by bastion bunker comps, to being held for 6 minutes on second point despite winning at least 2 team fights.”

Other players agreed and highlighted the first choke point on the map ahead of Point A can be tough to break through, similar to the original Eichenwalde map before a rework added a second route through the first choke.

Some think that a similar solution could work on Paris, giving the attacking team another way to get through the choke and force the defenders to focus on more than one spot for the first point.


Blizzard EntertainmentThe Point A choke is a source of frustration for a lot of Overwatch players.
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Would a Point A rework “fix” Paris?

A change to the first choke on Paris might not completely fix the map’s problems, but it could make attacking Point A feel a little less frustrating for players.

But even that might not be enough for some players, who think Paris is beyond saving and think a map-ban system is the only way to really avoid the problem.

Blizzard has reworked maps before in the past, like Eichenwalde, which had a very similar problem with it’s first choke before being reworked in 2017.

With the new map Havana headed to the Overwatch Competitive rotation on May 21, players will be getting a little less Paris and a whole new map to play on, hopefully one that turns out to be not as frustrating.