Defend the skies of Overwatch in this epic Bastion fighter jet mode

Joe O'Brien
L: John Dibbs, R: Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch Workshop mode turns bastion into a fighter jet for an epic dogfight game mode.

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The Workshop is the newest major feature to be added to Overwatch, giving fans the power to create their own game modes and even prototype their own heroes by harnessing some of the tools that the developers themselves use.

Having been released to the Public Test Realm (PTR) on April 24, players have already produced a huge variety of new modes, from an Avengers-inspired Infinity Stones battle to practice tools for aim and other game mechanics.

The power of the Workshop goes well beyond simply changing standard game settings, however, allowing players to create modes that bear little-to-no resemblance to standard Overwatch play.

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Blizzard EntertainmentThe Workshop has been an excellent opportunity for Overwatch players to show off their creativity.

Players have therefore been able to use the workshop to create modes that alter the game’s fundamental rules, with everything from 2D arcade modes to replicating other games like Super Smash Bros.

Now, u/Ghibliomatic has created a mode that transforms Overwatch into a third-person fighter jet dogfighting game.

The dogfighting mode technically uses Bastion as the base of the “fighter jets” for his turret, but aside from the kill-feed you wouldn’t be able to tell, as he is overlayed with a series of spheres in the basic shape of a plane.

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The jet fighters roll from side to side and pitch forward and backward, giving an approximation of actual flight rather than simply being able to move however they like in three dimensions. The objective is, of course, to shoot down enemy fighters.

Those who wish to try out the mode can do so with share code 5XRVQ.

via Gfycat

So far, the Workshop is only available on the Overwatch PTR, meaning that it’s limited to players on PC. Once it moves to the live servers, however, it will be available to players on all platforms.

Blizzard haven’t announced when the Workshop can be expected to go live, but as they are continuing to make updates and fixes in response to the PTR testing – the most recent of which was made on May 8 – it seems likely that it could still be some time away.