Overwatch Players Can Earn Ana Themed Cosmetics with the Bastet Challenge

Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has once again given players an opportunity to earn hero specific rewards for playing, this time for Ana.

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The new “Bastet Challenge” starts a day after Overwatch released a new short story focusing on Ana and Soldier. It also introduced an awesome new skin for Ana, but there was no indication about when it would be available.

The challenge is similar to the previous “Nano Cola Challenge”, that gave players the chance to earn special cosmetics and ultimately a skin for D.Va in August and September 2018.

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Blizzard EntertainmentAna’s new Bastet skin is a reward for nine wins in any game mode.

For the Bastet Challenge, all players have to do to earn a special Bastet spray, a new victory pose and the Bastet skin for Ana featured at the end of the short story, is win Quick Play, Competitive or Arcade games.

  • Player Icon – Win three games
  • Victory Pose – Win six games
  • Bastet Skin – Win nine games

Along with these cosmetics, players can also earn some new sprays by watching Overwatch streamers on Twitch.

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Drops are awarded for every two hours of stream watched, up to six hours, and a total of five sprays can be earned from just watching streamers.

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The Bastet Challenge starts January 8 and goes until January 21, so players have just under three weeks to get 9 wins and unlock this awesome new Ana skin.

In addition to the new Ana collectibles, Overwatch has also made skins for all of the expansion Overwatch League teams available today as well.

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