Overwatch players call for one of Bastion’s rarest skins to be brought back

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With the Overwatch anniversary remix vol. 3 event on the horizon, Bastion mains one specific collaboration skin to make a return.

For those who may not know, Blizzard introduced Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix event that brings back classic skins for a period of time.

With the Anniversary Remix Vol. 2 bringing back some great exclusive skins, players are wondering what skins Vol. 3 will bring.

Now, Overwatch fans are clamoring for one specific Bastion skin to come back, which was part of a brand collaboration in 2019.

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Overwatch players want Bastion’s rarest skin back

Blizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment
Brick Bastion was a collaborative skin released by Blizzard in partnership with LEGO.

The community came together thanks to Reddit user lozzylozz who posted on the Overwatch subreddit that their “only wish for [the] Anniversary Remix Vol. 3” was the return of Bastion’s Brick skin.

The Brick Bastion skin was a collaboration between LEGO and Blizzard, which featured Bastion completely rebuilt as a giant LEGO robot.

The skin features a vibrant yellow, blue, and red color scheme complete with Ganymede the bird rebuilt with LEGO as well.

Blizzard even went the extra mile and added custom LEGO sounds to Bastion’s animations and attacks, really bringing the skin to life.

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Sadly, Bastion mains aren’t all too optimistic that the skin will make a return.

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the LEGO collaboration kind of iffy at the moment? Would they need permission to re-release something like this,” asked PocketSable.

Others in the comments echoed the sentiment, like MyGoodFriendJon who explained “Unfortunately, they have been releasing these challenge skins in order of initial release, but they skipped Brick Bastion as the only exception.”

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To make matters worse, Brick Bastion is even rarer today thanks to its unlock challenge on release which required players to earn wins instead of just games played.

Though there’s always a small possibility, due to the nature of the collaboration fans may not want to get their hopes up for Brick Bastion to make a return in Overwatch’s Anniversary Remix Vol. 3.