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Overwatch player lands insane Zenyatta prediction kill

Published: 25/Oct/2018 20:15 Updated: 26/Oct/2018 1:01

by Joe O'Brien


An Overwatch player hit an insane prediction shot with Zenyatta in a game on Temple of Anubis.

Despite being a support hero, Zenyatta is capable of putting out immense amounts of damage in the right hands – see Overwatch League Season One, in which it was Zenyatta maestro Bang ‘JJoNak’ Sung-hyeon of the New York Excelsior who won the MVP award for the regular season.

In particular, Zenyatta excels at assassinating some of the lower-health heroes. A well-aimed volley can eliminate many heroes almost as quickly as a Widowmaker headshot, but the projectile travel time means hitting those shots as Zenyatta is as much about predicting where the enemy will go as it is about aim.

One Zenyatta player took the element of prediction to the extreme on Anubis. Playing on the defensive side, Bigly96 was set up on the high ground ahead of the first point when he spotted a Tracer trying to dash to the flank.

The flank route should be fairly safe for Tracer, whose multiple dashes can take her from cover to cover quicker than enemies can react. Bigly96 had only one chance to shut her down before her attack even began – to anticipate both where and when she’d make her move.

With pinpoint accuracy and flawless timing, the Zenyatta launched a volley of orbs into Tracer’s path before she’d even made her move, such that when she dashed out she was met instantly with the killing blow.


Creepy Overwatch skin idea would be D.Va’s scariest cosmetic yet

Published: 30/Nov/2020 21:03

by Bill Cooney


An Overwatch fan has come up with a new skin for D.Va that would actually make her MEKA into a nightmare-inducing monster straight out of a fairy tale.

D.Va is, rightly so, one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch, and could be considered the face of the franchise, if Tracer hadn’t already locked that spot up.

Even though she just got two new skins for the 2020 All-Stars and Halloween Terror events, this obviously wasn’t enough for cosmetic-starved D.Va fans.

To keep things moving right along, artist Jouste has come up with a cosmetic based on Baba Yaga, a witch from Slavic folklore who lives in a hut that walks around on chicken legs.

Baba Yaga hut“Mom, can you come pick us up now? The cabin is walking around.”

As you would expect, in lieu of a cabin in the woods, D.Va only has her Mech, and chicken legs actually look extremely natural on it, since they both bend the same way.

Similar to her Halloween skin, it’s also become a house as well, but instead of a spooky haunted Korean temple, it looks more like the residence of an evil babushka, complete with a beak coming out of the front door.

Hana herself is sporting your classic pointed witchy hat with twigs, feathers, and frizzled hair to really sell the whole “living alone in the middle of nowhere” look.

Finally, even her Bunny Blaster sidearm has been made over, and now sports an adorable little frog holding on to the bottom who has a great front-row seat to watch D.Va frag out.

DVa Baba Yaga
Imagine just walking through Eichenwalde forest and suddenly a chicken-legged MEKA bursts out of the trees.

We don’t know which heroes will be getting Winter Wonderland skins for the next Overwatch seasonal event up on the calendar, but we wouldn’t mind it at all if Blizzard continued to bribe us all by giving D.Va another new skin to try and unlock.

Winter Wonderland usually gets going around the first or second week of December, but stick with Dexerto to find out the exact dates as soon as they’re announced.